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A7LA5 vzw

A7LA5 vzw is founded and developed by choreographer and performer Radouan Mriziga.

From that artistic work and the questions it raises both in artistic and non-artistic contexts (both national and international), A7LA5 wants to add layers and perspectives of understanding and sharing knowledge through collaborations and connections with practices from the arts, science, architecture, crafts, and social fields. A7LA5 wants to transcend the work of the individual artist and become a laboratory, platform, or space for experimenting with a horizontal sharing and production of knowledge through an artistic perspective.

A7LA5 functions as an organization, and as a platform for exchange.

Radouan Mriziga     

The artistic work of Mriziga is noteworthy for its use of dance and choreography as a means to share knowledge with an audience, going beyond the purely aesthetic experience of a performance. What is paramount is the sharing of different forms of knowledge, be it knowledge about space, architecture, the body and its connection to mind and intellect. Or, more recently, knowledge about forgotten and repressed narratives. His performances can be described as forms of 'performed knowledge', with which he puts forward a committed vision of art as a tool for processing and producing knowledge.

Choreographer and dancer Radouan Mriziga (Morocco, 1985) took dance courses in Marrakech and Tunisia and continued his career at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels where he graduated in 2012. Since then he has worked on several productions such as Half Eleven Summer Night by Bart Meuleman (Toneelhuis), Re:Zeitung (P.A.R.T.S. Foundation and De Munt) where a young generation of professional dancers reworked Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's repertoire, Primitive by Claire Croizé, People in a Field by Simon Tanguy and Becoming by Youness Khoukhou. From 2014 onwards he started creating his own oeuvre for which he received support from Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre until 2019. In 2017 Radouan Mriziga became a resident of Kaaitheater in Brussels. In 2021 Radouan became house-artist in deSingel in Antwerp.


A7LA5 collaborates with the distribution house Something Great for the distrubition of Mriziga’s work.

Something Great is an independent performing arts organisation based in Berlin, Germany and founded by Rui Silveira in 2017. Something Great represents international artists, helping them to develop new projects and tour internationally. Next to its associated artists, Something Great manages and curates a private contemporary art collection dedicated to preserving, investigating and exhibiting international performing arts.