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3600 seconds of no separation between the body, spirit, and the intellect. A space where the dancers and performers become craftsman and architects. Inspired by modern architecture and Islamic art where the objects produced are a perfect meeting between aesthetics and function, where art is mathematically precise, aesthetically pleasing and symbolic.

3600 is a space where what is performed is what is constructed and what is constructed is the performance.

10.03.2022 TAFUKT - C-Mine, Genk (BE) // 16.03.2022 7 - Concertgebouw, Brugge (BE) // 30.03- 2.04.2022 AKAL - Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (USA) // 7-9.04.2022 AKAL - Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati (USA) // 14-16.04.2022 AKAL - Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus (USA) //